Rediscovering Skills

The scheme will provide opportunities in Environmental Conservation and will increase training opportunities in local heritage skills.Read more

Tees Heritage Park

The aims of this project are to increase access to the landscape and its heritage whilst also improving learning. The Tees Heritage Park comprises some 2000 acres of green spaces along the River Tees.Read more

Complementary ActiviTees

This project will increase community participation in local heritage through a variety of activities and events, linking the entire River Tees Rediscovered project together.Read more

Community Archaeology

Community Archaeology will increase training opportunities in local heritage skills. Throughout the scheme area, local people will be introduced to the range of sources that are available for them to find out about their local heritage.Read more

Tees Cottage Pumping Station

The aim of this project is to improve the understanding of the heritage of Tees Cottage Pumping Station as well as improving the accessibility of the site to a wide-range of visitors, such as schools and the general public.Read more

Spirit of Place

Spirit of Place celebrates the heritage of traditional crafts and skills inspired by, or created within, the unique landscape of the Tees Valley, such as pottery, dry-stone walling and many more. It will involve activities to increase participation in these crafts and skills.Read more