Fish for Tees

Physical improvements along the tributaries of the Tees to increase biodiversity and encourage greater public access and enjoyment in addition to an eel and elver monitoring programme and a young anglers pilot scheme.Read more

Coastal and Wading Birds

Delivery of site improvements for visiting and resident coastal and wading birds in addition to addressing issues of bird disturbance.Read more

Green Shoots

This project aims to increase and improve access and learning about the landscape and its heritage. The South Tees Green Shoots project will deliver well-planned and structured boundary treatments, linkages, interpretation, and informal recreation and seating areas.Read more

Green ActiviTees

The Green ActiviTees project will aim to increase community participation in local heritage via a range of volunteering activities, hands-on sessions and family events.Read more

Redcar Wildlife

The Redcar Wildlife Project will bring physical improvements to brownfield and greenfield land in the shadow of the heavy industry of the area. Increasing access to, and learning about, the landscape and its heritage is vital to help understand the wildlife of the area.Read more

Honey Pots Educational Spaces

This project aims to engage people in the conservation of the wildlife heritage of the River Tees through physical improvements and conservation activities. It will focus on six nature reserves, although this can be extended depending on interest from partners. These will be located along the course of the River Tees in Stockton, Middlesbrough and Redcar.Read more

Alien Invaders

The aim of this project is to train and equip volunteer groups to enable them to prevent and tackle Invasive Non Native Species (INNS) in their locality in the future.Read more

Wings of the Tees

Wings of the Tees will involve local communities in celebrating and learning about the winged wildlife of the River Tees (birds, bats, dragon and damselflies). This will be through surveys, habitat creation and other activities, which will improve the river corridor as an area for these species to inhabit.Read more