Croft Bridge

Built in in 14th Century, Croft Bridge was one of a number of important medieval bridges that spanned the River Tees.Read more

What to Spot March 18

As the weather rolls in, find out what to look out for in March!Read more

Cliffe and Piercebridge

The two villages are steeped in history and heritage, as well as being wonderfully located to get out and about to explore the area and see what the River Tees and its surroundings have to offer - find out what here!Read more

January 18 What to Spot

Discover what the wildlife is doing in January in the Tees Valley!Read more

Heritage Hotspots - The Georgian Theatre

Find out about the Georgian Theatre in Stockton!Read more

November What to Spot article - Skies Full of Birds

The Tees estuary has been used by people over thousands of years with communities harvesting its waterfowl, salt, fish and reeds for generations. Find out what to look out for now!Read more

Hartlepool Town Wall and Shipwreck

What makes Hartlepool's walls unique in the country? Shipwreck or sabotage? Find out here!Read more

October What to Spot - Autumn Harvest

Learn what nature you can find in the Tees Valley!Read more

Heritage Hotspots - Acoustic Mirror

Did you know there is a WWI listening device in Redcar?! Find out about it here!Read more

September What to Spot - There’s Something Fishy Going On!

Discover the nature to look out for in the Tees Valley in September!Read more

Wings of the Tees Update

See the update from our Wings of the Tees project!Read more

The Bridges of Yarm

Discover the significance of the two bridges on the northern side of Yarm!Read more

What to Spot August 2017

Ever wondered what the wildlife is like down at the Tees Barrage? Well wonder no more, as we tell you what to look out for in August!Read more

Cummins Environmental Award

Watch as we were presented with the Environmental Challenge award, by Darlington’s Mayor, Jan Taylor, on behalf of Cummins at Darlington’s historic Tees Cottage Pumping Station.Read more

What to Spot July 2017

Discover what is lying in wait in the world of nature in July!Read more

Stockton Market Cross

Discover the fascinating history behind Stockton's only Scheduled Ancient Monument, from being the site of a stocks, a place for proclamation and the Battle of Stockton - the cross certainly has a great story!Read more

Neasham Abbey

Did you know there was an abbey on the banks of the Tees in Neasham, with links to the only Englishman to be Pope? Find out more here.Read more

What to Spot June 2017

Find out what to keep on the lookout for during June!Read more

Going Potty!

Take a look at our creation and find out how you can take part.Read more

Middlesbrough Dock Clock

Ever wondered why the clock tower stands on what now seems a random and empty site next to Middlesbrough College? Click on the article to discover some of the fascinating history behind the clock!Read more

What to Spot May 2017

Wondering what to keep an eye out for in May? Click the article to see what animals and plants make an appearance and where you can find them.Read more

What to Spot April 2017

April is when the fun really starts, winter is long behind us and spring is definitely in the air! Migrant birds make a welcome arrival on a daily basis, including our charismatic sand martins which usually return late March if the weather is with them.Read more

Yarm Town Hall

Nestled on a peninsula of the River Tees is the quaint town of Yarm. It was once the highest point of tidal flow on the River Tees, allowing a port to develop there. Not surprisingly, as its size and stature grew and roads were developed, a toll booth was built to collect taxes from the trade flowing through the town. Yarm Town hall was built c.1710, to replace this tollbooth.Read more

Feeling Crafty!

The Dorman Museum hosted a workshop to reproduce cast moulds to celebrate the Linthorpe Pottery and Christopher Dresser exhibition.Read more