This project started in summer 2017 in partnership with the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust and so far has been involved in over 20 events, engaged with nearly 600 people, recruited over 20 volunteers and identified areas for wading beach creation, access improvements and willow screening.

Volunteers will be trained in bird surveying techniques to help record and monitor bird disturbance from which codes of conduct will be drawn up and promoted. Links with local groups such as the Friends of Redcar have been made, resulting in support for recent beach clean task days.


In September, along with the Friends of Redcar, we helped with the Great British Beach Clean, where the 110 volunteers collected around 60kg of rubbish!


20th October - Bird Disturbance Training
27th October - Study Visit to Redcar Beach
29th October - Beach Clean event

For more information about the project or any upcoming events, please contact Jacky Watson at [email protected].