We will work on this project in partnership with Tees Valley Wildlife Trust. The project will involve people from the wards neighbouring each reserve, some of which are among the area’s most deprived communities, in conservation activities including wildlife surveys, identification, recording, habitat improvement and monitoring for the species identified below:

  • The internationally important wetlands and the populations of ducks and wading birds that they support, including Teal, Redshank, Curlew, Dunlin, Knot, Shelduck and Ringed plover
  • Biodiversity priority species associated with the river corridor including Great Crested Newt, Otter, Dingy Skipper and Grayling butterflies and species of dragonfly and damselfly such as the Banded Demoiselle

For more information about Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, visit their website http://www.teeswildlife.org/