The project aims to improve habitats for winged wildlife within the River Tees Rediscovered area, whilst engaging with local communities, individuals and groups of all ages. We will provide the tools for activities to be carried out within your own communities. If you are interested in helping out with any of the following areas please let us know! We can reimburse travel costs and pay for any materials you use.

Please contact Sarah Barry at the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust on 01287 636382 or at [email protected]

Educational/ Events

Assisting with and undertaking guided bat talks and walks

Setting up and undertaking/assisting with children’s activities such as making bug hotels, butterfly feeders, bird feeders, building nest boxes and bat boxes.

Evaluation of events by handing out evaluation forms.

Helping to prepare educational materials for events.


Undertaking surveys for bats and birds.

Undertaking surveys for Dragon flies and Damsel flies and other winged insects.

Bat call identification through analysis of acoustic data and data entry.

Work with GIS.


Distributing leaflets and posters.

Providing contacts of local landowners to gain access to land where we can survey for bats.

Contacting local friends groups/organisations to see if they can volunteer in any way.

Contacting local schools to see if they are interested in events being undertaken.


Building bird nest and bat roost boxes (we provide the materials).

Installing bird nest and bat roost boxes.

Preparing materials for workshops and events.

Preparing refreshments at events.

Invasive species removal. (Himilayan Balsam).

We are also interested in hearing about where you may have seen Barn Owls and bats in the past within the River Tees Rediscovered area so we survey these areas. Also, if you know of any important areas for swallow and swift nests and areas where there may be dragon or damselflies, please tell us!